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Sea See Gallery is proud to represent and exhibit many of the Seattle regions most established artists, along with artists of national and international reputation. We also display controversial fine art, such as our first piece entitled ‘Springtime Romance by AnonZ. Knowing that an artist may be deliberately evoking an emotional response, it pays to take a moment and question our immediate reactions to the painting.

For more information on the sale of our pieces, please contact us by email at hello@seaseegallery.com. Enjoy our artwork!

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Spring-Time Romance

Cutting Edge Seattle Street Artist AnonZ has been shocking audiences with his very graphic, disturbing, bitter take on the politics of the day with its two leading superpower idols Donald Trump and President Putin. 

AnonZ’s newest painting called “SPRINGTIME ROMANCE” shares with the viewer the power play between 2 controversial figures, both battling it out for dominance on the world stage and the ego of each other. 

The passive role of Donald Trump on all fours, pants pulled down to the ankles revealing the American Flag, while Putin is towering over Trump, standing guard and putting on a black glove in a power play of presidential force. 

Are Putin’s action’s forcing the American flag, its values, and the dignity that it stands for up Trump… or is Trump defecating the flag with his crazed ego, all the values and rights, and honor that the American flag represents. AnonZ keeps us guessing, looking, and analyzing all the tactics that “Springtime Romance” presents on canvas and like the characters present on the painting that not everything is what it seems. 

AnonZ has created an EPIC artistic painting of political power overblown in its scope of characters and size. This 7 foot tall by 9 foot 2 inch wide painting overwhelms the viewer with vivid colors, texture, and a demur world wide background of things to come. The viewer is taken on a visual tour of passion, egos, failures, and a fight of the highest order for world dominance. His physical multi-layering of acrylic paints is stunning on Trump’s face, layers of threats, and stories told and untold are suggestive in the folds of each tone. Putin’s stunning lack of life adorned on canvas looks mortician like, but stealth in its complexity of glazes. 

Current Price: $89,000 USD



"Brilliant theatrical artistic conversation, timely for its place here and now."
Michael Rudin
New York Art Critic

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Artist Bio:

AnonZ was born and raised in Boston. He attended Yale, studying law and business and always was drawn towards the arts. He moved to Seattle in 2013 working for a Fortune 500 company and was inspired by street artists and their journeys. This introduction touched his heart and imagination seeing a different side to society than he had been exposed to in his life. This transformation both physically and spiritually evolved into a more cutting edge artistic side to his works. His earlier street painting called ”Demise on 4th” was shockingly received from those who were privileged to witness the temporary installation. Profanity and visual artifacts impacted the viewer and left them feeling at odds with the street, life, and power brokers above. AnonZ has never been afraid to express his fear, love and passion for freedom of speech.

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